Wednesday, April 9, 2008

CEO Interview: Tom Hart, QuickLogic

After a decade or two of competing head-on with Altera and Xilinx in what CEO Tom Hart refers to as a “Coke and Pepsi market,” QuickLogic looked for other ways to leverage its programmable technology. In 2007 QuickLogic reinvented itself as a purveyor of ‘customer-specific standard products’, or CSSPs. Building on their ArcticLink and PolarPro OTP platforms, QuickLogic offers semicustom parts tailored to customer designs, including proven IP blocks, custom logic and software drivers. Customers stock an inventory of products that may be 80-90% programmed for their designs and customize the rest as the need arises—a sort of ‘roll your own ASSP.”

QuickLogic is primarily focused on portable designs, where cost and low power are of paramount importance. Portable Design sat down with QuickLogic’s CEO Tom Hart to explore how and where this approach fits into the portable arena.

You can watch the video below:

If you'd rather just listen to Tom, click on the link below, or click here if you'd like to download the podcast.

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