Tuesday, December 4, 2007

ARC CEO: SIP Vendors Must Adapt to the YouTube Generation

ARC’s CEO Carl Schlachte kicked off this year’s ConfigCon in Santa Clara today, declaring that for semiconductor and SIP providers, “Value is in the experience of the consumer.”

In a presentation entitled “Technologies Enabling the YouTube Generation,” Schlachte exhorted semiconductor and SIP vendors to “put technology in the background and clearly address user needs.” PMP users don’t care if you have a 7-stage SIMD pipeline, they just want to watch high-quality videos that aren’t jerky; and the ODMs who cater to them don’t care either, they just want something that works.

For the full story, please go to http://www.portabledesign.com/news/104.
The video follows below.

Carl is a lot more entertaining than my writeup would indicate. Ignore the "2008" flash screen--it's the 2007 conference.

OR, if you'd prefer to listen to Carl while you're fighting traffic, you can listen to the following podcast or download it here.

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